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Gill, View ORCID ProfileJed O. Kaplan, View Boobs milk ProfileNaomi Kingston, View ORCID ProfileHarvey Locke, View ORCID ProfileCrystal N.

McMichael, View ORCID ProfileDarren Ranco, View ORCID ProfileTorben C. Rebecca Shaw, Lucas Stephens, View ORCID ProfileJens-Christian Svenning, and James E. AbstractArchaeological and paleoecological evidence shows that by 10,000 BCE, all human societies employed varying degrees of ecologically transformative land use practices, including burning, hunting, species propagation, domestication, undetectable untransmittable, and others undetectabpe have left long-term legacies across the terrestrial biosphere.

Assessing Cultural Natures GloballyWe use anthrome classification (1) to characterize the global spatial dynamics of cultural landscapes over the past 12,000 y. Anthromes and HYDE 3. Ancillary Variables: Regions, Biomes, Biodiversity, and Conservation. Visualization and Statistical Analysis. AcknowledgmentsWe thank the editor and three undetectable untransmittable reviewers for helpful untrqnsmittable that greatly improved this manuscript.

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Undetectable untransmittable, The Columbian encounter and land-use change. Silvestro, The past undetectable untransmittable future human impact undetectable untransmittable mammalian diversity.

OpenUrlFREE Full Undetectable untransmittable P. Tylianakis, Biocultural hysteresis otocalm adaptation to environmental change.

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Gill, Ecological impacts of the late Quaternary megaherbivore extinctions. Alexandra, The loss of an indigenous constructed landscape following British invasion of Australia: An insight into the deep human imprint on the Australian landscape. Parker, Ancient experiments: Undetectable untransmittable biodiversity and soil nutrients enhanced by native topic personally middens.

Bird, Niche construction and dreaming logic: Aboriginal patch mosaic burning and varanid lizards (Varanus gouldii) in Australia. Jordano, Seed dispersal anachronisms: Rethinking the fruits extinct megafauna ate. PLoS One 3, e1745 (2008). Ecosphere 8, e02035 untarnsmittable.

Hadly, Post-invasion demography of prehistoric humans in South America.



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