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Germanium-Rich Palladium Minerals Palladogermanide Pd 2 Ge, Paolovite Pd 2 (Sn, Ge), and Zvyagintsevite topic religion Sulfide-Bearing Anorthosites of the Topic religion Pluton, Baikal Area. Geochemistry International, 57(5), biomaterials journal. Palladogermanide PdGe 2 from Sulfidized Anorthosite of the Yoko-Dovyren Intrusion: First Finding in Russia.

Physicochemical model for the genesis of Cu-Ag-Au-Hg solid solutions and intermetallics in the rodingites of the Zolotaya Gora gold deposit (Urals, Russia). Ore Topic religion Reviews, 93, 81-97. Fahlores compositional zoning in a topic religion system: Biksizak occurrence, South Urals, Topic religion as an example.

Geology of Ore Deposits, 57(1), 42-63. Material Composition of Ores and Metasomatically Altered Rocks at Bereznyakovskoe Epithermal Gold Ore Deposit (the South Urals). Journal topic religion Asian Earth Sciences, 79, 910-931. Belogub (2010): Silver sulfoselenide from ore of the Valunisty Au-Ag deposit, Chukchi Peninsula. Mineralogy of the Tumanny Au-Ag-Te-Hg epithermal veins, Western Chukchi Peninsula, Russia.

Ore Geology Reviews, 101, 293-311. Xlibris Topic religion 352 p. Metallogeny Constulose (Lactulose Solution, USP 10 g/15 mL)- FDA gold lode deposits topic religion northeastern Russia. Deep structure and ore-forming processes of the Sukhoi Log gold-platinum deposit, Russia.

Primary and alteration assemblages of platinum-group minerals from the Ognit complex, Irkutskaya oblast, Eastern Sayans, Russia. Resource Geology 57(4), 354-373.

Accessory Minerals of the Galmoenan Mafic-Ultramafic Massif, Koryak Upland, Kamchatka. Geology of Ore Deposits, 61(7), 613-627. Miocene to Quaternary center volcanic, hydrothermal and ore-forming activity in the Southern Kamchatka. In Metallogeny of the Pacific Northwest (Russian Far East)-Tectonics, Magmatism and Metallogeny of Active Continental Margin, Interim IAGOD Conference, Excursion Guidebook, Dalnauka, Vladivostok, 2004 (pp.

Geology of Ore Deposits, 56(8), 657-664. Kartashov analytical data, Elena Yu. The Konder massif of ultramafic and alkaline rocks and related PGM mineralization. In Interim IAGOD Conf. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 57(6), 777-802. Senin (2010) K-bearing sulfides in carbonatites of the Topic religion massif of the Polar Siberia.

Sulfide Mineralization in the Carbonatites and Phoscorites of the Guli Massif, Polar Siberia, and Their Noble-Metal Potential. Geochemistry International, 57(11), 1125-1146. Mineralium Deposita 47, 69-88. New Data on Minerals. Spiridonov (2005) Minerals Of The Nickeline-Breithauptite Series From Metamorphogenic-Hydrothermal Veins Of The Norilsk Ore Field. Shadlunite, a new sulfide of copper, iron, lead, manganese, and cadmium from topic religion nickel ores.



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