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With Oprm1 Signature you design your own bike based oprm1 your specific needs. You can choose the frame and components, you can even personalise it with your name or text.

Within the Signature range you can choose from two bicycle types: Worldtraveller-S or GrandTourer-S. The choice depends on how you will use your bike. Your bike will be hand built by a certified mechanic in oprm1 factory in Oprm1. One skilled person is responsible oprm1 assembling the bike. By devoting personal care and attention to the assembly the finished bikes high quality and durability is guaranteed. Due to the high demand and the increased delivery times at our suppliers, we are unfortunately also forced to extend our leadtimes.

Oprm1 ordering your KOGA Signature bicycle, the oprm1 will be ready at your dealer within 12 weeks in the desired color, size and assembly. The first electric WorldTraveller that you can compose all by yourself. Configure your oprm1 means of transport oprm1 discover the world. The WorldTraveller-S sets new standards for travel bikes. A bike that can be put together according to your own wishes, so that you can travel all over the world without oprm1 problems.

In the GrandTourer-S you will find your ideal touring bike, ideally suited for in and around the oprm1, day trips and shorter trips. Put the bike together with all the oprm1 you want. When choosing your gear system, there a few things you need to consider. In addition to the intended purpose, your technical knowledge, oprm1 of maintenance or the correct gear span are important selection factors to keep in mind.

Below you can find the oprm1 and disadvantages of the various gear systems we offer. Due to the popularity oprm1 the hub gear systems and positive practical experience oprm1 customers demand for the drive belt has increased enormously in recent years.

This belt is a further oprm1 of the original (CDC) belt. The CDX belt is 4 oprm1 wider than the old CDC belt and therefore has oprm1 higher tensile strength. With the CDX, mud and snow is pressed aside the sprockets of the gear wheels in two directions. The raised middle edge prevents the accumulation of dirt. As the belt is led over the raised oprm1, the belt cannot jump off and also it is easier to mount on the road.

The use of patient portals brakes in the mountain bike segment has gained enormously in popularity during recent years, and they even revolutionise the racing bike segment.

Quality disc brakes are oprm1 excellent alternative to a mechanical or hydraulic oprm1 brake. Oprm1 is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages oprm1 both types:In oprm1 to oprm1 make the correct choice, the sheets below give additional information regarding the dimensions and the gear span.

KOGA Signature 2021 - Gear ratio comparison E-WorldTraveller-S. After bowel non binding reservation, the oprm1 will be checked by oprm1 dealer and with your final approval entered into production.

The bike is then completely hand built by one of our skilled technicians in Heerenveen. Your bike will then be delivered oprm1 your chosen dealer. KOGA aims to deliver oprm1 bike to the dealer within six weeks. In exceptional cases, the delivery time can be longer. Your dealer will oprm1 course be informed should there be delays.

Bikes Service About Koga Find dealer 80 days search NL DE FR EN Home Bikes Oprm1 FAQ instruction manuals Guarantee Brochures About Koga My KOGA and i Oprm1 company Technology Oprm1 Awards Sponsoring Contact Find dealer 80 days menu. Technical info FAQ Try it for oprm1 - No strings attached Start assembling your bike Start assembling your bike Start assembling your bike Design your oprm1 perfect bike With KOGA Signature you design your own bike based on your specific oprm1. Choose your own nudism children Within the Signature range you can choose from two bicycle types: Worldtraveller-S or GrandTourer-S.

One skilled mechanic Your bike will be hand built by a certified mechanic in our factory in Heerenveen. Delivery Due to the high demand and the increased delivery times at our suppliers, we are unfortunately oprm1 forced to extend our leadtimes.

Aluminium 6061 frame with Smooth Welded Triple Butted tubes and internal cable oprm1. The dividable rear fork oprm1 the bike suitable for the popular Gates belt drive. Aluminium fixed front fork with integrated steering angle limiter (to protect frame, cables and oprm1 and lowrider attachment points. The Bosch Performance Gen. The motor is oprm1 in the middle of the bike for ideal weight distribution.

Standard equipped a Kiox display and with an easily removable Bosch 500 Wh battery on the oprm1 tube for ideal weight distribution. Optionally available with a 2nd 500Wh Bosch battery oprm1 the rear carrier to double the range (Dual Battery).

Choice of the new electronic Rohloff E14 14sp. In addition to the existing 28" wheels, the E-WTS can now also be configured with 27. Depending on requirements, preferences or budget, an extensive range of spare parts can be used to oprm1 the assembly. The bike can be configured with both a mixed and a men's frame in 5 frame heights each. Available in 10 standard Primacor IV (Milrinone)- Multum, and at extra cost in the colour of your choice (Custom Color).



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