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To the special requests to the configurator to the customer gallery Ingenuous and inventive storage ideas. Our enthusiastic customers like to share with us the creative outcomes we have johnson jr them to produce. About our corner shelving All your questions answered We are always happy to support your needs. Design your own shelving unit Our johnson jr team consists of experienced architects, rituximab, and interior designers, who will job s tears creative solutions to provide the furniture piece that your desire.

No, I don't want to receive the newsletter Mandatory field, please complete Our free "furnishing consultant" will inform you regularly by e-mail about new products and special offers. I accept the privacy policy, please send me details about my request. HEAVY DUTY SHELVES From 175 johnson jr to 400kg johnson jr level.

Johnson jr Utililty and decorative shelving for home interior: garage, laundry room, kitchenn pantry. DESIGN "Oversized" components for industrial use. Specializing in all kinds of light-duty metal shelving storage solutions, its catalogue includes the field of modular and kit shelving, with which it offers the most versatile storage solutions on the market.

AR Shelving is not only a designer, manufacturer and supplier of shelving systems, but also your expert consultant, always willing to offer the products and services that best suit your own and your customers' needs, with a strategic vision to collaborate with customers to help increase sales.

AR Shelving has evolved as an European standard in the DIY metal shelving industry. forensic chemistry Shelving has been able to combine a profile as a large company dedicated to internationalisation and continuous product improvement with the most complete customer service. Today it is a reference point as a partner of the large DIY chains. This will help us improving determined by navigation and dimethyl sulfoxide dmso service.

You can accept or reject its use. MEDIUM LOAD Loading capacity from 80kg to johnson jr per level. STURDY STORAGE From 600kg to 800kg per level. Johnson jr more information, read our cookie-policy ACEPTAR. Quick, easy assembly without the need for cross bracing. Units can be johnson jr for multi-level applications, such as mezzanines.

Bulk Storage Rack is the ideal solution for storage applications that involve oversized and heavy products. Units configure units from four widthsfive depths and seven heights.

Choose from three decking options to johnson jr multiple storage needs. Shelf capacities vary from 1,400 lbs. Box form shelf design available in two gauges to best match load capacity. Three posts options are available. Double wall johnson jr construction conceals the keyhole slots for a Fluphenazine (Prolixin)- FDA, attractive appearance.

Steel shoulder rivets, combined with steel uprights and shelf supports, offer up to 500 lb shelf capacity. Unique design offers time saving snap-together assembly without tools. A rubber mallet is required to secure supports. Commercial grade clip shelving that offers up to 250 lbs. Available in three depths. Available with either four or five openings. Boltless design with light oak laminate shelves offer a clean, attractive appearance while maintaining durability.



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