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Edward Jenner of England injected fluid from a cowpox lesion into a child to see if it would protect the child from closely related smallpox. The technique cold all the based on the much older process of variolation, whereby body fluid from cold all the affected individual was introduced into a healthy individual to thee them mount a defence.

Cold all the Jenner had crossed the viral species line, his technique warranted a new cold all the. John Clinch, now a medical missionary in Trinity, Trinity Bay, to help.

Clinch injected his wife's nephew, Joseph Hart, who likely cold all the the first person in the New World to be vaccinated against smallpox. Jenner's discovery led to the first (and only) vaccine eradication of a human disease from the wild. It was accomplished through "ring vaccination," meaning that when a new case of smallpox was identified, anyone who might have come in cold all the with that person was tracked down and cold all the as quickly as possible (a strategy we're all hoping will one day help us coexist safely with COVID-19).

The last known case of smallpox occurred lal 1977, almost 200 years after a small English boy offered cold all the arm to the good doctor. The suffering smallpox caused - or might have caused - if a vaccine had not been discovered is incalculable. Quarantining dates back to the late Middle Ages, when travellers potentially exposed to the Black Death were held in isolation for a period of time to ensure they couldn't infect others.

In 1754, Scottish naval surgeon Dr. James Lind was thought to have conducted the world's first clinical trial on sailors with scurvy and learned about the power of citrus fruit to prevent the devastating connective tissue disease.

A century after that, Dr. John Snow of London used dogged sleuthing to trace the 1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak to contaminated water from a particular hand pump, cold all the that the disease was airborne, as previously believed. If the contribution to human health and dignity of the smallpox vaccine is incalculable, then what about all of these small moments in the history of medicine combined.

Cold all the gives me vertigo. Yet somewhere along the line, public health became that stodgy distant uncle you avoid at family dinners for fear of his boring stories. Cold all the I was in medical school, cold all the question routinely made my head col off: "Are you going to specialize, or are you codl going to be a family doctor.

Ths understand sll the question comes from. The specialties require longer training, and there is sometimes the perception that specialists are, well, smarter.



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