Clowns Are No Laughing Matter These Days

Once upon a time, clowns were benevolent figures of laughter and joy.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, American children followed the animated antics of the Bozo the Clown on television each week. The cartoons were introduced by local presenters made up as the carrot-topped Bozo. One was Willard Scott, later to become weatherman with the NBC Today show. Willard Scott was also the first-ever Ronald McDonald, making his debut appearance in a 1963 TV ad for the burger franchise.

Flash forward ten years, to Cook County, Illinois (interestingly enough, the location of one of the first McDonald’s restaurants). A character calling himself Pogo the Clown is a popular attraction at community events. Meanwhile, young men keep going missing…

Underneath the clown makeup and clothes is a psychopath named John Wayne Gacy. In between appearances as Pogo he strangles to death 34 victims. He doesn’t wear the clown outfit when he kills, but his alter-ego of Pogo forever shifts the image of the clown in popular consciousness. Almost overnight, clowns become scary, with Gacy paving the way for numerous portrayals of bad clowns in literature and film, most notably Stephen King’s It.

King’s novel came out in 1986 and was a huge seller. In 1990, his nightmare creation, Pennywise the Clown, was brought to the small screen in a miniseries. Also in 1990, a Florida woman, Marlene Warren opened her front door to a brown-eyed clown bearing flowers and balloons. The clown shot her in the face and drove off in a white Chrysler. The clown’s victim died two days later. The killer, a woman, eluded capture for over a quarter century, but now she’s serving time for murder.

The nineties and noughties saw chilling portrayals of The Joker, the green-haired prankster in the Batman franchise, by the likes of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. Plus we met Krusty, the degenerate clown in The Simpsons.

But it wasn’t until 2016 that Caulrophobia – the fear of clowns – reached truly fever pitch. In the latter part of that year, the world was gripped by a wave of ‘scary clown’ sightings. In the lead-up to Halloween, social media sites received numerous postings about sinister-looking clowns who were reported lurking first in forests, then in a host of urban locations in the US, UK, Australia and a number of other countries. It got so bad that the president of the World Clown Association, Randy Christensen took to YouTube to condemn people dressing up as clowns to frighten people. “Whoever is doing this crazy stuff is not a clown,” stated Christensen, a Minnesota-based party clown. “This is someone who is using a good, clean, wholesome art form and distorting it.’ Christensen added that members of his association had suffered job cancellations and felt under threat following coverage of scary clown sightings.

It all got too much for McDonald’s. On October 11, 2016 the burger giant announced that its mascot would be keeping a lower profile as a result of the incidents. A spokesman said the hamburger clown was cutting back on appearances at community events as a result of the “current climate around clown sightings in communities.”

There was a kneejerk reaction from other corporate entities like Target, which took clown masks from its website and stores. Schools as far apart as Ohio, USA, and Otago, New Zealand, banned clown outfits and masks.

Cut forward to Halloween night, Monday October 31, 2016. Caulrophobia had taken such a terrifying hold in the United States that large numbers of both householders and the parents of trick or treaters had firearms at the ready that night.

Fearing vigilante retribution, most clowns kept a low profile that witches’ eve. Not so in Orange County, Florida, where two men needed medical treatment after being attacked by a group of 20 people in clown masks. But other than that, Halloween night 2016 seems to have been a bit of a fizzer in the scary clown department, given all the hype leading up to it.

Flashing forward now to May 2017. A bald, bespectacled man fronts a court in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is Dale Raincourt, aka Klutzy the Clown. He pleads guilty to the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl over a six week period. The judge jails him for two years and bans him from ever working as a children’s entertainer again. Another nail in the coffin for bona fide clowns trying to earn an honest living.

Then in the fall of 2017 came the big budget cinema production of It. Pennywise was back, scarier than ever! The film proceeded to do very brisk business indeed at the box office, with the biggest attendances ever for a September-October release.

So where does that leave the benevolent, child-friendly clown of yesteryear? Well, a lot of them have hung up their clown outfits and wigs for good. Others have strategically re-aligned themselves in the marketplace, promoting themselves as “balloon artists” and avoiding all use of the “c” word.

And poor old Ronald McDonald has been put out to pasture in most parts of the world. On a recent trip to Thailand, I did encounter his life sized effigy outside a McDonald’s in Bangkok. He had his palms pressed together in a “wei” greeting. Alternatively, he might have been praying, appealing for divine intervention as the clown joins the ranks of vampires, zombies and other denizens of our worst nightmares.

Why Clowns Are So Scary?

With clowns and clown attacks making news headlines around the world it’s hardly surprising that more and more people are developing a fear of clowns.

But even before this latest phenomenon, a good percentage of the population are known to have suffered from a phobia of clowns – or ‘coulrophobia’.

In fact, it’s thought that around 2% of the population suffer from clown phobia, with the ‘ihateclowns’ Facebook page listing almost half a million likes.

Why Are Clowns So Scary?

Perhaps the main reason why clowns can appear so frightening is because the clown’s make-up makes it impossible to read genuine human emotion.

In order to feel safe, as sighted people we depend on visual cues, facial expressions especially help us to quickly assess a person’s character.

With the clown’s painted face we just cannot do that. The person is hiding behind the make-up, and if a person is hiding we might think that he has something to hide – perhaps even something not at all nice.

Menace Behind the Make-Up

We might feel that there’s something dark or sinister lurking behind the make-up – as was the case with the American mass murderer John Wayne Gacey who in the 1970s, dressed as a clown called ‘Pogo, killed over 35 young people. In fact, Gacey is reported to have said that as a clown "you can get away with murder". He didn’t of course, since he was executed for his crimes.

The ‘menace behind the make-up’ is something that the movies have picked up on. Heath Ledger’s version of ‘The Joker’ in the Batman movie for example was made up as a clown, and this made him seem even more menacing, more unsettling.

And of course there is an element of lunacy in the clown’s antics, something unpredictable and out of control about them that can be really unsettling, something that perhaps disturbs our sense of ‘normality’.

The Cultural Factor

There seems to be a cultural factor in children’s response to clowns, however. Research from the University of Sheffield in the UK, for example, found that most children disliked and even feared images of clowns.

While Italian researchers found that children hospitalized for respiratory illnesses got better faster after playing with ‘therapeutic clowns’.

Whatever the reason for people’s dislike or fear of clowns, the ‘clown attacks’ now hitting the news will certainly add to this, perhaps for years to come.

Who Is the Joker? – Comic Book Villain

The Joker is a fictional comic book super villain which has no known origin, but he does have various different ways of being portrayed. The joker is responsible for many of the dark knight's traumas throughout the history of both characters. Some of the biggest heart aches caused by the Joker include:

The paralysis of Barbara Gordon, the death of Robin and the death of Rachel Dawes in the latest version of the Dark Knight movie. The Joker first appeared in the very first Batman comic.

Throughout the ages there have been several different portrayals of the Joker. Some have shown him to be a clever psychopath with a warped sense of humor where as some other versions have shown him as a bumbling clown with more focus on the humor side of the role. In the latest version of the joker in the Dark Knight, the joker is played by heath ledger and comes across as a very inelegant psychopath who seems to be one step ahead of the dark knight at all times.

In most versions of the characters history his skin is bleached white while falling into a vat of boiling acid and in most versions the Joker blames batman for this accident so the hatred begins. Overall I would have to say the joker is probably my favorite comic book villain because he's smart, funny and a real threat to the caped crusader. I'm not the only one who thinks this either as the Joker was voted the number 1 super villain of all time in a recent survey.

Batman Halloween Costumes Ideas – 2 Classic Favorites That Never Go Stale

Dark Knight, the latest Batman film and also one of the most remarkable, has reinforced in us an even more lasting impression of the DC Comics superhero and the host of villains that try to conquer him. The Joker, among others, is one of the most memorable, all thanks to the late Heath Ledger's impressive portrayal. Although Dark Knight was released in 2008, there is going to be no question about it-Batman Halloween costumes will still be a hot hit this year.

The Dark Knight

Every Halloween, Batman always turns up. This year, though, it's going to be a darker, fiercer Batman who has faced unique challenges that are both personal and professional. His suit, however, is just as good as ever and is matched with a Dark Knight costume that is just as reliable.

The official costumes for Dark Knight come in various versions: standard, deluxe, and grand heritage. They all differ based on the items included in the costumes, but one thing they have in common is that they certainly don't come in cheap. The standard costume, which includes Batman's printed body suit and black bat cape, is a big hit among thousands of fans and is always in demand.

If you want to beef it up a little bit, the deluxe Dark Knight costume uses foam to pack in more realistic-looking muscles. The grand heritage version, on the other hand, is the ultimate in Batman Halloween costumes. Aside from the standard body suit, cape, and fake muscles, the most pricey version also includes boot covers, Batman's utility belt, armor pieces, a gauntlet, gloves, grappling hook, a realistic Batman mask-the works! Unfortunately, this might prove to much for the kids to handle so it only comes in adult sizes. The accessories are also sold separately for those enthusiastic DIYers who like creating homemade costumes for themselves ..

The Joker

Heath Ledger will always be remembered for his haunting portrayal of the Joker, one of the reasons why the Joker has become one of the classic characters people will be portraying for the several next Halloweens to come. The latest Batman installment has certainly lent a new twist to the Joker, with the disturbing scars and warped sense of humor that will certainly make this year Halloween even more fun.

The official Joker costume is available in standard, deluxe, and grand heritage versions. These costumes may come in pairs-perfect if you and your best pal are planning to dress up as archenemies for Halloween.

Much like the official Batman costume, the officially-licensed Joker costume can be very steep. If you're not the type to splurge for a costume, then try to create it yourself. The Joker is almost always seen in long purple coat that conceals his many weapons, a vest, shirt and tie, and pinstriped pants. Go for the "crazed businessman" look if you couldn't scout for a long purple coat.

Then again, even when you can't find the perfect clothes to match the Joker's outfit, you can still portray the Joker himself using makeup along. After all, he himself dressed up in a female nurse suit towards the end of the Dark Knight movie. White face paint and talent in drawing realistic scars will be very helpful. Don't forget to wear bright red lipstick to extend the lips and smudge a lot of dark makeup to create black circles under your eyes.

Batman Halloween costumes are hot, so you definitely have to find some way to make yours different.

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